CURCA Advisory Board Members

Our CURCA advisory board is comprised of interdisciplinary faculty, staff, and students committed to supporting and advancing undergraduate research and creative projects.

  • Roderico Acevedo

    Prof. Roderico Acevedo | Chemical and Physical Science

  • Lisa Barao

    Prof. Lisa Barao | Criminal Justice 

  • Anna Boutin-Cooper

    Anna Boutin-Cooper | Ely Library

  • Samantha Falcone

    Samantha Falcone | Alumni

  • Jarrod Peterson

    Jarrod Peterson | Alumni

  • Anthony Furnelli

    Prof. Anthony Furnelli | Economics & Marketing 

  • George Ramirez

    Prof. George Ramirez | Art 

  • Jason Ramsay

    Prof. Jason Ramsay | Biology 

  • Prof. Amanda Salicinski | Movement Science