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Enhance Your Well-Being with Programs & Resources

The Counseling Center at WSU offers a variety of supportive programs and resources to enhance student well-being. Enjoy Pet Therapy sessions announced via the Presence app and Counseling Center’s Instagram. Experience Relaxation Coaching through non-counseling 1:1 sessions focusing on stress management, resilience, mindfulness, and more. Free Nutritional Guidance by a nutritionist is available on Mondays. Participate in Fresh Check Day and The Bandana Project  to promote mental health awareness. Access the TELUS Health Student Support App for 24/7 mental health resources.

Book a Room for Off-Campus Telehealth Appointments

Students can reserve a private room for telehealth appointments at the Counseling Center they may have with an off-campus medical provider or counselor. We provide the private space and a computer; they simply need to call us to book the room.

Fresh Check Day

Every year the counseling center works alongside the campus community to implement Fresh Check Day on campus to promote mental health and suicide prevention.

Nutritional Guidance

Offered for free to the WSU community by a nutritionist on Mondays.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy occurs throughout each semester. At the dog therapy events, the WSU community can enjoy spending time with therapy dogs on campus. Pet therapy happens outside on the quad. In inclement or cold weather, pet therapy is in the front of the mailroom in Lammers Hall. Notification of the times and location of the event occurs via the Presence app and the Counseling Center’s Instagram page.

Relaxation Coaching

A non-counseling 1:1 coaching appointment with a trained intern. This opportunity consists of four meetings that explore the definition of stress, its symptoms, responses to stress, and goal setting. These sessions also dive into specific areas of coping skills to help with anxiety, including resilience, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and cognitive restructuring. Each session also teaches skills for the student to take home and practice throughout the week. Each appointment is approximately 30 minutes long.

TELUS Health Student Support App

A supplemental mental health support phone app that provides 24/7 multilingual talk or text chat options. The app also has mental health and wellness resources. TELUS Health Student Support App is a free service to all students. However, it's not supposed to replace counseling or emergency services. To get more information and to download, click here.

The Bandana Project

The Bandana Project is a national initiative focused on mental health awareness and suicide prevention, challenging societal stigmas and fostering supportive communities. Trained student volunteers wear a green bandana to signify their commitment and readiness to provide support and resources to fellow students. This symbolic gesture encourages open conversations about mental health, making help more accessible on campus.

For more information about The Bandana Project, visit the official website at www.thebandanaproj.org. To explore Westfield State University's resources related to The Bandana Project, visit https://www.thebandanaproj.org/org/westfield-state-university.

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