Paying Your Bill (Students who are military connected)

How to Pay Your Bill – Full-time Day School

Bills are mailed to all students every semester in early July and mid-November. Every student must return the bill each semester by the due date (approximately 3 weeks later) or be subject to administrative withdrawal.

All full time Day Division Students pay the same amount for tuition and fees as long as they are registered for 18 or fewer credits and they are Massachusetts Residents.   There are additional costs for out of students, residential students and special programs (i.e. Nursing).

There are also waivable fees which are listed on the student bill. Included with the bill, is a payment adjustment form which gives the student the opportunity to remove waivable fees from their account.  All full-time Massachusetts students are required to have health insurance. We charge health insurance to all students. Students who have their own insurance must complete a waiver at  to remove the charge from the account.

If you are a military or a veteran and receive the Categorical Tuition Waiver, this will be updated by Veteran & Military Services, if you are unsure, contact Veteran & Military Services.

If you are a National Guard member, and you receive the National Guard Tuition & Fee waiver for fees or tuition, you must email Veteran & Military Services your National Guard Tuition & Fee waiver, prior to registering for classes, or within 5-days of registering for classes online.

If you are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, or VA Vocational Rehabilitation, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to the Veteran & Military Services Office.  For Vocational Rehabilitation, you will need to provide the name, phone number and email address of your counselor to Veteran & Military Services.

We offer an installment payment plan for balances of $1,000.00 or more. This allows students to pay equal amounts over 4 months. To join the payment plan, you will complete the section on the payment adjustment form. There is a $50.00 charge each semester to join the plan.

Billing questions should be directed to the Student Accounts Office at 413-572-8538 option 1.

How to Pay Your Bill – CGCE – Undergraduate Full-time, Part-time, and Graduate School

All Division of Graduate & Continuing Education (CGCE) students are required to pay the full amount due at the point of registration.

If you register online, once you register for classes you will receive an email in your University email account.  You will need to reply to that email letting the finance office know what benefit you are using, i.e. Post 9/11 GI Bill 50 %, or CGCE Veteran waiver.  Ensure that Veteran & Military Services has your certificate of eligibility, or your VA Vocational Rehabilitation counselor’s, name, phone number and email.  CGCE calculates bills per credit hour, the CGCE Veteran waiver for undergraduates is $85 per credit hour and for graduates is $105 per credit hour.

A delayed payment plan might be available to students who apply by published deadline. All undergraduate students in 9 or more credits and graduate students taking 6.75 or more credits must have health insurance. Students who have their own insurance must enter their medical insurance information online at: Health insurance can be purchased through the College at an approximate cost of $1,200 annually.  For general information please call the CGCE main line: (413) 572-8020.

Financial Aid for Students using State or Federal benefits

In addition to your VA Educational Benefits you may be eligible for federal student aid.  In order to be considered please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Westfield State University has a March 1st Priority deadline.  Award letters will be mailed to new students after March 15th and to continuing students after June 15th.

For additional information about the Financial Aid Programs offered visit our Cost and aid at a glance page