Printing @ WSU

Students receive $10.00 to use for printing each semester. This is the equivalent of 200 sheets of paper. If you use up your $10.00 allotment during the semester, you will be charged 5 cents for each additional sheet of paper to your OWL Bucks account.

*Please note. This print allotment does not hold a monetary value and cannot be refunded.

Why Are We Doing This?

To save trees and reduce costs. Due to exponential increases in paper and toner costs, and the volume of printing being done, it became necessary to look for ways to conserve. Not to mention that saving paper is good for the environment.

Do I need to have my WSU ID to print?

Yes, you need to have your WSU ID to print.

How am I charged for pages if I have used up my $10.00 allotment?

Once you have used up your semester's allotment of $10.00, your OWL Bucks account will be charged.

How do non-WSU patrons and WSU alumni pay for printing?

Please visit the Technology Support Desk for assistance.

Do part-time students get the same quota?

All students are allotted $10.00 each semester for free (full-time, part-time, undergraduate, graduate, international, etc.).

Do student clubs get a quota too?

No. To print materials for your club's activities, we suggest working with the SGA office.

Do I get a $10.00 allotment for each summer session?

No. You are given $10.00 to cover both summer sessions.

Can my unused allotment be rolled over from one semester to another?

No, your allotment is reset to $10.00 at the beginning of each semester.

How is double-sided and single-sided printing calculated?

You are charged 5 cents per sheet of paper, whether it is double-sided or not. 

If I go over my $10.00 allotment in the middle of a print job, what happens?

That depends on if you have enough money in your OWL Bucks account to cover the remaining pages over your $10.00 allotment:

  • If you go over your $10.00 allotment and you have enough money in your OWL Bucks account, the over-quota pages are simply charged to your OWL Bucks at 5 cents per sheet of paper.
  • If you go over your $10.00 allotment and you don't have enough money in your OWL Bucks account, your print job won't print. You will need to add money to your OWL Bucks account in order to print more pages.
Whom do I contact if I have questions about printing?

Our staff at the Technology Support Desk will be happy to help you with any questions you might have about our printing system.