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Be Part of the Nestwork!

Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Here at Westfield State, we know that any time Owls gather, we’re sure to find a spirit of community, a rewarding experience, and even a bit of fun. Want more of that in your student experience? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking to find ways to engage with others, know what’s happening around campus, or bring new Owls to your organization, the Nestwork is your tool!

Ready to get started? Hoot, hoot! Growing your parliament of Owls is simple.

Accessing the Nestwork

The Nestwork is an interrelated system of digital tools that work together to provide a campus calendar, event check-ins, easy access to course information and important websites, and online communities you can join. It’s open to all Owls – faculty, librarians, staff, students, alumni, and even prospective students and their Champions – with new additions and features being added all the time.

To Access the Nestwork:

Your How To Guide

Creating Events

To announce and promote events in the Nestwork, we’ll be using the Modern Campus Involve software solution which is designed to bring clubs & organizations – including university departments and offices, event processes, and online forms – to create a simple, standardized digital experience for users who are looking to engage with each other.

On our campus, Modern Campus Involve also serves as the unified calendar for student organizations, campus-wide happenings, and departmental events such as lectures or presentations. Essentially, it’s the system that feeds our events calendar on the University home page at

NOTE: The Westfield State EMS system should still be used for all room reservations and requests. This system can be accessed from myWestfield through the link “Event Space Request.” When you’re planning your event, start with EMS to make sure you can get the space you want to use. You’ll then use Modern Campus Involve to promote your event to the Westfield State community. Keep in mind that EMS is the University’s system of record for all emergency purposes. If we have an emergency, first responders will use EMS to identify where people are located, so it is critical that all events and meetings are entered into the EMS system. If you need assistance learning how to do this, contact Director of Events Management, Joanne Bigelow:

Event Management
Horace Mann Center Room 010C

  • Visit and select Forms from the top menu.
  • On the Forms page select Event Registration.
  • You’ll be prompted to “sign-in” with your University credentials.
  • Complete the Event Registration form and include all the required fields.
  • Select the green “Submit For Approval” button at the top of the form.
  • A calendar entry will appear once the event form has been submitted and the event has been approved by SAIL. Rules and regulations apply.
  • Pro Tips:
    • To ensure visitors can view your image, please size your image to 960 pixels x 375 pixels.
    • To restrict visibility to only members of your organization, you can select “Hidden from Non-Members” when filling out your event form.
    • The "Contact Email" you provide is where any inquiries from interested students will be sent.
    • The "RSVP link" field is optional. If you complete it, a button will appear on the event page that will direct interested students to your RSVP form. See “Event Check-Ins” section for additional information.
    • Please note that this is not a replacement for the Event Management System (EMS). Room bookings must still be made through EMS.
Registering Your Organization
  • Before adding your first event, you’ll need to have a registered organization. Check with your department to see if an Organization Registration has already been completed.
  • If your department already has a page, ask to become an administrator of the Organization Page to add your event.
  • Visit and select Forms from the top menu. On the Forms page, select Organization Registration. You’ll be promoted to “sign-in” with your university credentials.
  • Complete the "Basic Information" section, including the Organization Name, Description, Categories, Contact Information, Club Constitution, and Cover Image.
    • Select a cover image. You can upload your own image or logo, or select a stock image from the library. Pro Tip: to ensure visitors can view your image, please size your image to 960 pixels x 375 pixels.
  • This form can still be edited if errors appear. Select the green Submit For Approval button at the top of the form. Check your email for approval.

If you have additional questions on how to setup and access your organization’s page or are having trouble accessing your page, please contact SAIL:

Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership
Ely Campus Center, Lower Level

Updating your Organization’s Modern Campus Involve Profile
  • Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in Modern Campus Involve
  • Select your Organization
  • Click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner
  • Make your changes and click Submit
Updating your Organization roster
  • Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in Modern Campus Involve
  • Select your Organization
  • Select "Roster" at the top of the page
  • Click the “+” sign in order to add new users
  • Click the pencil icon next to a user in order to remove them or edit their position
Event Check-Ins

1. Log into your Modern Campus Involve App.
2. Choose one of the two routes below:

Route 1

  • Tap “Events” on the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Toggle over to the “Host Events” tab.

Route 2

  • Select the menu (three stacked lines) on the top left corner of the app.
  • Tap the blue “Collect Attendance” button.

3. You will find a list of events being hosted by your campus. Select the blue “+” button next to your event.

4. Begin check-in.

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