Returning and Re-Enrollment

Students who leave Westfield State University because of academic failure are readmitted through the Office of the Registrar. Eligibility to return is determined by the Chair of the Committee on Academic Standing. In order to return, students must take enough courses at another accredited college to raise their cumulative quality point average to the level required for the number of credits they have attempted:

Students who withdraw from the college in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing also may be readmitted through the Office of the Registrar depending upon their choice of major, either former or new, and the availability of space. Students absent five years or more will be subject to current course and other applicable requirements for their intended major, former or new, as well as current Common Core requirements, and space availability, as determined by the Registrar.

Any student denied readmission through the Office of the Registrar may apply for readmission through the Office of Admission in the Student Administrative Services Center. These students will be subject to current admission procedures and standards, as well as space availability.

Students who have been withdrawn or dismissed by the University for disciplinary, financial, or other non-academic reasons may not re-enter until the readmission conditions established at the time of withdrawal have been met.

Students who are seeking readmission should inform the Office of the Registrar as early as possible prior to their return in order to facilitate course placement.

Re-Admission Policy

Upon re-admittance to the Day Division, students may contact Office of the Registrar to arrange for advising. Once advised they will receive the temporary registration pin necessary to pre-register for the upcoming semester.  Please note that even though advised through the Office of Academic Advising & Transfer Transition, it is still incumbent upon returning students to contact their major advisor(s) for approval of courses that apply to their majors.  We are committed to providing a smooth transition for students returning to Westfield and continuing their education and look forward to working with you to help you succeed.

Re-Admission Application


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