Fall 2024 Instructional Method Definitions

In-person (NORMAL): A course in which all formal instructional contact hours are conducted face-to-face in a classroom, studio, or lab on campus, excluding the use of online for make-up classes. Students must expect that in-person courses will include some online materials and communications in support of class work.

Hybrid/Blended (HYBRID): A course that uses both in-person instructional time on campus and online instructional time. The general schedule of the in-person commitment is shared in the course schedule. Specifics are provided by the instructor.

Remote (synchronous) (RMSYC): A course in which 100% of the instruction occurs remotely (online) and students participate in regularly scheduled virtual class meetings via Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, or another platform.  For example, a class originally scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:15am will only schedule virtual activities for that time period. Please note that the specific frequency of class meetings is determined by the faculty.

Online (asynchronous) (ONLINE): A course in which 100% of instructional time occurs online with no set time for virtual class meetings.

Hours of Operation
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