Our spam filter continuously monitors and controls content entering or leaving your inbox to eliminate spam, block phishing, and ensure confidentiality and compliance. You can log into our spam filter and view your quarantined messages from any computer with an Internet connection. Simply enter the web address your browser, enter your e-mail username and password, and click the ʻlog inʼ button.

How will I know when spam has been blocked?

Every day you will receive one e-mail, at 4:00 a.m., which lists all messages that have been quarantined by the anti-spam software. (note: you will not receive an e-mail if nothing was blocked) The image below is a sample of what the daily digest looks like. Items under the red "Spam Quarantine" are e-mails that are suspected spam and were blocked. If there are any legitimate e-mails listed in this section, you can release them from quarantine by clicking the "Release" link in the digest e-mail. Additionally, if you want to ensure the sender of that particular e-mail never gets blocked again, you can click the "Whitelist" link in the digest e-mail. Items under the blue "E-Mail Delivered to Your Inbox" are e-mails that were delivered to your inbox. If you want to report a spam message that was accidentally delivered to your inbox, click on the "Report" link. Additionally, if you want to block all future e-mail messages from an e-mail address, click on the "blacklist" link.

Do I have to wait for the e-mail alert to view my quarantine?

No. You can log into the web interface for your quarantined messages at any time. To get to the login screen, visit our spam filter website, Simply login using your campus e-mail username and password. To view messages quarantined, click on the 'Report/Rescue' button.

Can I force the Spam filter to never block a certain e-mail address?

Yes. Simply log into the web interface and click on the ʻW/B Listʼ button on the left. When the page loads, type the personʼs email address in the field in the top portion of the page, select ʻWhitelistʼ and ʻAdd to Listʼ. The e-mail address will appear in the lower portion of the page. Once the e-mail address is saved in the white list it will bypass all anti-spam rules.

Can I force the Spam filter to always block a certain e-mail address?

Our Spam filter will keep your messages in quarantine for 14 days. Once it is 15 days old it will automatically be deleted. How do I force the delivery of an e-mail that has been quarantined? From the e-mail you receive you can click the ʻReleaseʼ link and the quarantined message will be delivered to your mailbox.