University Police Staff

The Department is comprised of a Chief, Captain, Lieutenants, University Police Officers, Institutional Security Officers (I.S.O.'s), Student Safety Assistants, Administrative Support Staff.

Tony Casciano,

University Police Supervisors:
Captain Michael Foyle,
Lieutenant Jeffrey Hastings,
Lieutenant Bernard St. George, 
Lieutenant Dario Camacho,

University Police Officers:
Officer Taylor Beaudry,
Officer Sean Coughlin,
Officer Stephen Edelman,
Officer Jessica Farris,
Officer Rachel Foran, 
Officer Michael Jezak, 
Officer Caitlin McCue,
Officer Efrain Quinones,
Officer Daniel Stuck,

Patrol I.S.O.:
I.S.O. Spenser Raphaelson

Residential Halls I.S.O.:
I.S.O. Vincent Brown

Police Dispatcher:
Dispatcher Anthony Colacarro
Dispatcher Philip Dion

Administrator/Office Manager:
Office Manager, Lattoy McDowell, Staff Assistant,