Traffic Enforcement

One duty of the university police is to enforce Massachusetts motor vehicle laws on roadways owned by Westfield State University. University police obtain their motor vehicle authority through MGL Ch. 73, Sec. 18. The department may stop vehicles for traffic violations at the officer's discretion and issue either a verbal or written warning, or a Uniform Motor Vehicle Citation.

What to do if you receive a Uniform Motor Vehicle Citation in Massachusetts:
If "ALL CIVIL INFRACTIONS" is checked, all the violations with which you are charged are civil infractions. Within 20 days of the date of the notice, you must complete the reverse side of the motor vehicle citation and either pay the citation in full or request a court hearing. If you request a court hearing you will be notified by mail of the date, time, and location of your civil hearing with a court magistrate."

If no action is taken within 20 days:

  • You will lose your right to a hearing,
  • You will have to pay substantial late charges, and
  • If any of these infractions involved the operation or control of a motor vehicle, your driver's license/right to operate or registration will be suspended without further hearing until you make full payment.
  • f none of these infractions involved the operation or control of a motor vehicle, other enforcement action will be taken until you make full payment. This may include prosecuting these matters as criminal offenses."

"If "CRIMINAL APPLICATION" is checked, you will be granted a hearing as to whether a criminal complaint should issue against you if you sign below and return this citation WITHIN 4 DAYS to the Clerk-Magistrate of the court named on the front of this (the) citation. Any accompanying civil infractions will be determined during the criminal proceedings and cannot be paid in advance. You must report to the court any change of address from that shown on this citation." - RMV Citation