All University Committee


The charge to the All University Committee is provided in the MSCA Bargaining Agreement, (Article VII, B, 5) excerpted and quoted directly below.

Responsibilities of the All-University Committee

The All-University Committee shall encourage the participation of all members of the bargaining  unit,  members  of  the University administration,  and  members  of  the student body in the process of decision making.  The Committee shall be the primary agency for  coordinating  and  implementing  such  participation  in  accordance  with  the provisions of this Article.  Whenever any matter is submitted by any person who is a member of the university community   for   consideration   by   the   All-University Committee  or  any  standing  committee,  such  matter  shall  be  submitted  to  the  All-University Committee and shall thereafter be promptly referred by the Committee to such  standing  committee,  if  any,  within  whose  purview  such  matter  falls;  provided, however,  that  in  the  event  that  there  shall  be  no  standing  committee  within  whose purview  such  matter  falls,  the  All-University Committee  shall,  in  accordance  with Section D(3) hereof, refer such matter to an ad hoc committee.  Such assignments to standing committees shall be made in accordance with the duties of such committees as they are hereinafter set forth.

More information regarding the specific responsibilities of the All University Committee can be found in the MSCA Bargaining Agreement, (Article VII, B, 5).


  • Edward Welsh (Chair)
  • Andrea Bertini
  • Randi Darling
  • Mara Dodge
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Chris Gullen
  • Jesse Johnson
  • Lindsay McNulty (Student Representative)
  • Ed Orgill
  • Lynn Shelley (Vice Chair)
  • Audrey Therriault (Student Representative)
  • Emily Todd
  • Samuel Tsongalis (Student Representative/SGA)
  • Nayomi Walton