Resources for Faculty

Art professor, Imo Imeh, working on one of his large canvases in his studio

Resources for Faculty Members and Department Chairs

Professor Mao-Lun Weng works with students in one of the labs in the Stevens Center
Dr. Chris Masi assists one of his students measure a sample in a Stevens Center lab
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Benefits Information from the Office of Human Resources  
Center for Instructional Technology Help with online and hybrid learning technology
Copyright Information Including how to retain your copyright when publishing
Disclosure of Decision to Adopt Instructional Materials Before you assign any instructional material in which you have a financial interest
Emergency Notification System Please enroll - this is not automatic!
Emergency Preparedness and Response information  
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning  
Faculty Handbook  
Faculty/Librarian Emeritus Nomination  
Honorary Degree Nomination Form  
Honorary Degree Policy  
Library Information Instruction Program Teaching students how to effectively find, evaluate, and use information ethically
Library Contacts for Faculty  
MSCA/BHE Agreement The rules of the road, and the other rules of the road, University Policies
MSCA Agreement for Faculty Teaching in Graduate and Continuing Education The rules of the road for Graduate and Continuing Education, and the other rules of the road, Graduate and Continuing Education Policies
MyWestfield Advisor dashboard, class lists, grading, and more
Technology Support For help with technology in your office or classroom.
Westfield State University App To download the Westfield State University App to your mobile device, navigate your device to where you will be directed to download the app on your Apple or Android mobile device.
Image of professor Aaron Reyes lecturing in front of a chalkboard
Art professor gives students a classroom assignment in shape and form