Estelle Camacho, Assistant Director of Student Accounts, Encourages Students to Have ‘Open Communication’ with the Office

Nov 8, 2023
Estelle Camacho of Student Accounts. She is dressed in a long-sleeve blue shirt, blue glasses, and sits at her desk.

Estelle Camacho, Assistant Director of Student Accounts.

Estelle Camacho, Assistant Director of Student Accounts, is a two-time graduate of Westfield State University, earning both her undergraduate and master’s degrees in business administration and public administration, respectively. She has also worked at the University since 2014, transitioning from the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education to the Registrar’s office, before finding her “home” in Student Accounts

“My experience here was fantastic, and I enjoyed the care I received as a student,” she said. “I thought that this would be a perfect place to work.”

The office works with students to help them understand and navigate educational expenses such as tuition, payment plans, and fees. “It’s not the easiest situation. So, we provide them with instructions, but we also assist the parents and champions to make things as flexible we can. It’s about treating students with respect and helping them out by listening. When they’re going through a situation, having open communication help us make sure we’re being fair, firm, and consistent with student bills.”

As her position is relatively new to the office, Camacho says she primarily helps to “streamline” the various processes between accountant and student. “I’m here as a helping hand to be able to assist our accountants and provide them with quick, accurate information so that they can provide services to our students.”

Camacho also emphasized the importance of making services accessible to students of all ethnicities and backgrounds. As a bilingual, Latina woman, she’s able to converse with students and parents in Spanish. “I can have that purpose to be able to explain that this is our story,” Camacho said. “Our story is that you are welcome here, we speak your language, and we understand. I think that is what will carry us forward.”

For students, parents, and champions who still need guidance, Camacho urges those with questions to reach out in whatever way they can. “We’re here for them,” she said. “We want to hear from them whether they’re calling us from the phone or coming in person. Our number is (413) 579-3090. If they’re not comfortable with that and prefer emailing, send us an email! Send it to, and we’ll be able to respond. We can’t respond if we don’t know what’s happening. We’re a wonderful team that really care about our students and want to see them succeed.”