Boba Tea Now Available at Wild Blue Sushi

Feb 1, 2024
Four boba tea, orange, purple, clear, and red colored, rest on a black windowsill which overlooks the campus green. There's fresh snow on the ground and shrubbery in the background next to the stone walkway.

New flavors of boba tea.

Last week, Wild Blue Sushi announced that they are now selling boba tea. Located in the Ely Center, Wild Blue Sushi is a “modern Japanese kitchen” which focuses on offering sustainable, high-quality sushi to Amazon Fresh Stores as well as to an array of universities. “We stand by our quality and strive to make our sushi as sustainable as possible,” their missions statement reads, “giving students around the country food for today and fuel for the future.”

Meanwhile, boba tea is a popular drink pervading the nation and has gone viral for its cultural novelty, innovative packaging, and prominent presence in modern or cosmopolitan settings. Originating in Taiwan during the 1980s, boba tea consists of black, green, white, or oolong tea, and is sometimes mixed with milk. However, its most defining feature are the black, tapioca peals, which sink to the bottom.

“Popping boba”, an alternative to the pearls, are fragile, gel-like spheres with juice that are then popped when in the mouth, providing an accent to the tea’s base flavor. Flavors also are diverse, with the Wild Blue Sushi vendor offering citrus butterfly tea, jasmine milk tea, peach mango, pineapple yogurt, strawberry watermelon, taro milk tea, and Thai milk tea.

“When I ordered the mango boba tea I was very skeptical,” Hannah Leblanc, class of  ’26 said. “Most of the time when I get a boba tea somewhere I think they taste too watery and end up hating them. Not here. This boba tea was so flavorful and I will definitely be getting another one soon.”

To get boba tea, buyers can stop by Wild Blue Sushi from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. or place an order online through the GET app. Students can also follow updates from Wild Blue Sushi through Dining Service’s Instagram page. Payment methods include meal swipes, Owl bucks, Dining Dollars, and regular credit cards.