Full-time Undergraduate Costs


Full-time Undergraduate Students

At Westfield State, we are committed to providing a quality education at an affordable price.  Below are the undergraduate costs for the 2022-2023 academic year.

  MA Resident Non-Resident New England Regional*
Tuition $970 $7,050 $1,455
General Fee $9,538 $9,538 $9,538
Technology Fee $730 $730 $730
Capital Improvement Fee $100 $100 $100
Student Activity Fee $162 $162 $162
Wellness Center (optional) $185 $185 $185
Total Fees $10,530 $10,530 $10,530
Total Tuition & Fees $11,500 $17,580 $11,985

Tuition is free for residents over 60 years of age.

For Military TA Students Only:
MA Resident Tuition Cost per Credit: $32.33
Non-Resident Tuition Cost per Credit: $235.00

Residence Halls

Student Housing $8,300

Dining Plans

Unlimited Meal Plan $4,724
Blue 15 $4,516
Gold 10 $4,306
Hoot 5  $2,576
Commuter 5     $2,576
On the Go $1,546

All resident students are required to have a meal plan. View a full break down of meal plans and eligibility.


First Year Student Fee $160
Nursing Fee      $1,794
Student Teaching Fee   $250
Health Insurance** $3,663
Parking $100
Student ID Fee $20
Lifetime Owls*** $75
International Student Program Fee $250/semester (J-1 Visa)
$500/semester (F-1 Visa)

Select courses and programs may incur additional fees. For a complete list of fees, please visit the University Catalog.

*New England Regional rate is determined by the New England Board of Higher Education.  To qualify for the New England Regional rate, students must enroll in an approved program or live in an approved zip code. Details on qualifying majors or zip codes. **All students attending Westfield State are required to have health insurance.  Students who have their own insurance plan may waive the insurance fee.  Students must complete the insurance waiver each year by September 30th. ***Lifetime Owls Information

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