Community College MassTransfer Details

MassTransfer & A2B Mapped Pathways

Massachusetts community college students who complete an associate’s degree in a MassTransfer approved program and enroll in a linked MassTransfer program at Westfield, could be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Application fee waived
  • Guaranteed admission to a Westfield-linked bachelor’s degree program with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher (note: some programs have higher GPA requirements)
  • Waiver of Westfield’s general education core requirements with the exception of up to 6 credits for those who complete the MassTransfer Block or up to 12 credits for those who complete the STEM block
  • A guarantee of 60 credits minimum (excluding D- grades)
  • Waiver of the $970 in state tuition if you graduate with a 3.0 or higher GPA in a MassTransfer Approved program


Commonwealth Commitment

Students who are enrolled in a Commonwealth Commitment at their Community College and transfer to Westfield State University are eligible for additional benefits, such as tuition and fee freezes and a 10% rebate. This is a unique opportunity for students to plan their educational budgets in advance, at a reduced cost

Commonwealth Commitment

Reverse Transfer Program

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has implemented a statewide transfer program called Reverse Transfer. The program is designed for students who are currently enrolled at Westfield State or any of the other state universities or UMass campuses. Qualified students enrolled at Westfield as transfer students with at least 30 college-level credits previously earned at a Massachusetts community college, but without earning the associate degree.  Reverse Transfer allows students who meet all program eligibility criteria to complete the unfinished associate degree while working toward completion of the bachelor’s degree at Westfield.

Reverse Transfer is administered by the prior community college and the Office of the Registrar at Westfield State, and questions about the program should be directed to those offices, beginning with the prior community college’s transfer advisor. 

Reverse Transfer Application

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