AP exam course equivalencies

Submission of College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) scores to Westfield State University

Applicants for admission who take the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) examination(s) at the conclusion of their high school AP course experiences, and would like their exam scores considered for transfer credits or course waivers at Westfield, should request that their official score reports be sent directly to Westfield State University by the College Board.  Students who request Westfield State University as a recipient of their AP score reports when they register for the test automatically will have their scores sent directly to Westfield’s Office of the Registrar as soon as they are available.

Students who wish to have their AP exam scores evaluated for transfer credits or course waivers must submit official score reports to Westfield from the College Board. AP score reports are treated as official academic transcripts; consequently, photocopies or other unofficial copies of scores will not be accepted.  While official AP score reports are required for purposes of transfer credit evaluation, they are not required to complete admission application files.  Students have the option of either submitting their official scores for credit evaluation or not receiving credit and/or waiver consideration at all.  However, the Admission Office highly recommends that students do submit their official AP score reports for evaluation in the admission process.

Newly enrolling first-year students who graduate high school in June and enroll at Westfield in September will have their official AP scores sent to Westfield’s Registrar's Office by the College Board between July 1 and July 15. 

Transfer applicants who took AP exams before entering college should have their official AP score reports sent to Westfield by the College Board as part of the application process.  Individual AP score reports are sent to the Admission Office by the College Board throughout the year, within four to six weeks of receipt of a student’s request.  Accepted transfer students who submit official AP scores in the application process will have their awarded transfer credits and/or course waivers listed on their preliminary transfer credit audit sheets, which are prepared by the Admission Office at the time of acceptance.

View the course equivalency guide for determining whether and how AP exam scores are evaluated by Westfield State University.