Explore the social frameworks within which we learn how to live our lives.

Westfield State University’s sociology major allows you to increase and broaden your understanding of social change, research design, data analysis, statistics, and theory. You’ll learn from diverse perspectives on history and learn about different ways of life. Develop an in-depth understanding of how individuals behave in organizations, families, and communities, and of the contexts within which social policy decisions are made and carried out.

Program Highlights

  • On campus, online, or hybrid learning 
  • Research and internship opportunities
  • Supportive, collaborative, student-centered community
  • Affordable tuition

Explore how societies impact and influence individual behavior.

Hone your professional skills and expand your world perspective with a sociology degree.

Tailor your skills to match the career you want.

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    Customize your studies

    Take courses in a variety of areas and put together a focused concentration of study reflecting your own particular interests and professional goals.

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    Small, immersive classes

    You’ll learn in small, engaging classes designed with your career goals in mind. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to collaborate with your peers as well as receive one-on-one attention from your professors.

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    Real-world experiences

    Put your classroom studies to use in a variety of internships, capstone projects, and more. Plus, collaborate with your fellow classmates to hone your everyday professional skills—like communication, teamwork, and project management.

Program Details

Program Mission

The Sociology Program welcomes anyone who is interested in exploring the social frameworks within which we learn how to live our lives. It studies social life at every level, from two-person relationships to nations, civilizations and the global system. It is a meeting place of the social sciences, combining its own ideas and methods with insights from philosophy, history, anthropology, economics, political science, and psychology. It is in this all-encompassing way it examines the ways human social lives work--or fail to work. Our faculty has particular strength in global perspective on sociology of organizations, sociology of culture, race, class, gender relations and social inequality, collective action and social change, and sociological theory. We build the career paths leading to the fields of public administration, non-profit organizations, human resource management, community organizing, as well as marketing research. In addition to sociology major, the program offers anthropology minor.

Program Vision

Facilitate our students to grow into active, constructive, productive and energetic members of a just and prosperous society by enabling their sufficient analytical and language skill, accurate understanding about social reality, deep knowledge in the professional fields, strong drive for social justice and social progress, built-in cross-cultural sense and sensibility.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the Department of Sociology, Hispanic and Liberal/Interdisciplinary Studies are working in the professional fields of human resources and marketing departments in both public and private organizations, social service/social work agencies, state and local governments, schools, non-profit organizations, and many more. Equipped with the knowledge and skills they learned from the program students embed their extraordinary in the ordinary as they worked and are working on daily basis as community organizers, government officials, social workers, school teachers, police officers, business owners, company executives, etc. and have contributed to the local communities, the State of Massachusetts, the country, and the human society as a whole. Many of our graduates go on to graduate schools to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D.

What can you do with a sociology degree?

Gain the versatile skills and knowledge needed to build your career in:

  • Public administration
  • Non-profit organizations
  • HR management
  • Community organizing
  • Marketing research
  • Counseling
  • Social services
  • Private consulting
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Ready to learn more?

Course Requirements

Sociology Core Courses - 18-21 Credits
  • SOCI 0101 - Principles of Sociology
  • SOCI 0250 - Research Methods I
  • or CRJU 0231 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice Credits: 3
  • SOCI 0251 - Research Methods II: Quantitative Methods
  • or CRJU 0313 - Statistics in Criminal Justice Credits: 3or GPS 0246 - Quantitative Methods for Social and Physical Science Credits: 3
  •  Students who double major in Psychology and Sociology may have SOCI 0250 and SOCI 0251 waived if they complete PSYC 0219, PSYC 0308, and PSYC 0319 with a B average and permission from the chair of the sociology department. Students who double major in Social Work and Sociology may have SOCI 0250 and SOCI 0251 waived if they complete SOCW 0204 and SOCW 0301 with a B average and permission from the chair of the sociology department.  
  • SOCI 0300 - Internship in Sociology
  • or SOCI 0301 - Applied Sociology
  • GERO 0370 may be used to fulfill SOCI 0300 for students who minor in Gerontology. Internship requirement can also be met through a cognate department with approval of the Sociology Internship Coordinator. 
  • SOCI 0335 - Sociological Theory
  • SOCI 0390 - Capstone in Sociology
  • or equivalent work in cognate field with approval from the Sociology Capstone Coordinator (Additional work may be required to meet the equivalency for sociology)
Sociology Electives - 18 Credits
  • minimum of 18 additional sociology credits
Additional Graduation Requirements

All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core.

Get big school features with small school advantages.  

We offer high-quality academics, unique learning opportunities, and a gorgeous campus—and we have small classes, accessible faculty, and one-on-one support. 

You'll join fellow motivated students ready to make the most of the college experience through active participation. Become part of a caring and committed community that understands and embraces the bridge between academic study and civic responsibility.

  • 15:1

    student-faculty ratio

  • 300+

    service projects

  • Study abroad

    in 35+ countries

Expert faculty and individualized attention

Westfield State University’s Sociology Department prides itself on providing personal attention to each of our students. You’ll receive one-on-one attention and mentorship from faculty and administrators. Plus, we work with you to tailor your degree to fit your interests and professional goals.

Our sociology faculty have targeted expertise in global perspectives on the sociology of organizations; the sociology of culture, race, class, and gender relations; social inequality, collective action, and social change; and sociological theory.

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Dr. Tamara Smith
Chair of the Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit SAT/ACT scores or an essay when I apply?

Westfield State University does not require an application essay, SAT and/or ACT scores, or letters of recommendation (except for special program admissions).     

All first-year applicants are reviewed for admission based on their high school record. First-year applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements established by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE) in order to qualify for admission to a state university.   

Learn more about the application process and admissions here.

How much does Westfield State University cost?

Westfield State University offers a comprehensive university experience at an affordable cost—with many options for financial aid. Visit our Cost and Aid page to learn more. 

Will I receive academic support?

We’re invested in your success. Whether you need a little help adjusting to college, study strategies, tutoring, or disability services, the team at the Academic Achievement Department is ready to help. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to explore academic opportunities as well as to plot strategies for continued growth. 

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