The Latin American and Caribbean studies minor provides you with a broad knowledge of their language, history, and culture. Courses taught in English focus on Latin American and Caribbean cultures and literature.


Requirements for the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor - 18 Credits

Consisting of 18 credits, this minor is designed to incorporate perspectives from a wide range of disciplines such as literature, history, women's studies, geography, politics and sociology. Students will take LACS 0101LACS 0101 - Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies and at least one course from each of the three categories listed below. LACS 0301 - Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean Studies can be fulfilled by arrangement when not schedules.  The category in which LACS 301is counted will depend on its topic in a given semester. A maximum of six credits in LACS 0399 - Independent Study in Latin America and Caribbean Studies can be taken to fulfill the Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor requirements.  Additional courses may also be used to fulfill the requirement in a category with approval of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies advisor.

Proficiency in Spanish, French or Portuguese should be an important goal for those intending to work or to pursue advanced study in an area related to Latin America. For the purpose of this minor students are required, prior to the beginning of the senior year, to attain intermediate-level competency in Spanish, French or Portuguese as judged by successful completion of the fourth semester language study or equivalent experience.

For advising please see Professor Brain Conz ( in the department of Geography, Planning and Sustainability or Professor Gabrial Aquino ( in the department of Sociology. More information about the minor can be found at

Core Course Requirements - 3 credits

Literature, Languages and the Fine Arts - 3-6 Credits

History and Culture - 3-6 Credits

Social Sciences - 3-6 Credits

Seminar Course - 3 credits


* Course sections and additional courses not listed require approval of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor advisor.