Introduces students to the technical and theoretical foundation of becoming a professional in the field of outdoor adventure leadership.

Topics Covered

  • Leisure Theory and Value 
  • Wilderness Ethics 
  • Principles of Survival 
  • Camping and Backpacking Concepts

Program Highlights

Participation in activities such as Kayaking, Ski Touring and Snowshoeing, Bicycling, Camping, Orienteering, and Rock Climbing, among others (student choice)! 

Schedule of Coursework

Theory courses run for a full semester, while activity courses run for 8 weeks (2 sessions per semester) 


Preparation for careers in outdoor education, recreation, and those tied to the leisure industry (lead field and adventure trips). 

  • 19 Credits

  • Experiential Curriculum

  • Camp on Mt. Greylock
    in the Berkshires 


Minor in Adventure Education - 18 Credits

The Sports Medicine and Human Performance Department also offers a minor in Adventure Education. The requirements are the same as for the Movement Science, Adventure Education Concentration, B.S., except an internship is not required, nor is completion of the major core required.

Contact Us

Program Director:
Dr. Kevin Tatsugawa