GIS means creating intelligent and meaningful maps to answer the core geographic questions: What? Where? Why? A GIS integrates geospatial data, hardware, software, and geographic concepts to analyze and visualize geographic information. GIS is expanding beyond geography, planning, and environmental science and now extends into public health, social services, homeland security, law enforcement, business and marketing, communications and media, political science, and more.

GIS is a high-growth industry with excellent job and salary opportunities in a wide variety of fields. GIS skills are highly marketable and a GIS Certificate from Westfield State University demonstrates to potential employers that you have attained a high level of GIS competence and experience. 

Topics Covered

  • Core concepts underlying GIS 

  • Analytical techniques, software, and hardware used in GIS 

  • Discipline-specific applications (for Planning, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Political Science, or Business) 

GIS Certificate Brochure

The GIS Certificate @ Westfield State

Our GIS Certificate includes a 12-credit course series to account for the diversity of backgrounds, needs, and computer experience of the students. The target audience is non-traditional students, e.g. professionals from the private and public sectors, educators, local town government officials, etc., with and without an academic degree. The GIS Certificate is also available for 'regular' students wanting 'formal' GIS training without completing our GIS Minor.

The GIS Certificate is awarded through Graduate & Continuing Education; however, coursework may be taken during the day or evening offerings. Some coursework from other institutions may be accepted in transfer after review by the Certificate Director.

The Certificate gave me the recognition of my skills in the engineering profession and was useful to my company for marketing me as a GIS professional.

Kristine Baker

Class of 2010

Contact Us

For information regarding the application to the GIS Certificate Program, please contact the Graduate and Continuing Education at 413-572-8020 or wsucgce@westfield.ma.edu.

For information regarding the approval of previous coursework, GIS advising, assembling a course of study, or other program or course-specific inquiries, please contact the GIS Certificate Director Dr. Timothy LeDoux at tledoux@westfield.ma.edu.