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Enhance Your Learning: The Tutoring and Learning Center's Dynamic Peer Tutoring Program

We offer a robust peer-tutoring program that is available for all undergraduate students during the fall and spring semesters. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of tutors for all courses. Tutors are outstanding upper-level students who have been recommended by faculty. The University compensates tutors at the minimum wage. Tutoring is not available during summer and winter sessions.

All tutoring provided through the Tutoring and Learning Center may be done in-person or remotely. It is important that students come prepared for their tutoring session. We value your commitment to academic success, and we understand that life happens. If you miss three scheduled sessions, we'll invite you to meet with the Tutoring and Learning Center Academic Support Coordinator. This personalized meeting aims to address any concerns or challenges hindering your tutoring sessions, reinforcing the importance of promptness and attendance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tutoring and Learning Center is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their learning by providing one on one assistance in their courses. Our inclusive program allows students to engage with their peers to develop successful strategies for course completion.

TLC does this by:

  • Provide one on one sessions with peer tutors.
  • Maintain a required training program for all peer tutors.
  • Each tutoring session is tailored to meet the students. 
  • Tutors provide a variety of times and flexible locations to meet the needs of all students residential and commuter. 
  • Access to tutors through WSU360 allows students to connect with a tutor for their courses in a quick and easy manner and if one is not listed, they can connect with our coordinator to request one and we will do our best to find one though not always guaranteed. 
  • Communicate with campus community to recruit new tutors as well as advertise the service to students who need it.
  • Stay up to date and current in best practices as members of the College Reading and Learning Association.

Tutoring for Math Courses

Explore math tutoring services at the Math Tutoring Center in Wilson Hall, Room 136. Contact us at math-tutoring@westfield.ma.edu for additional information.

Additional online tutoring is available through PLATO

Plato Online Learning (CIT) @ Westfield State University offers free online tutoring services in the areas of Math (Basic Math to Calculus, including Statistics), Writing, ESL, Accounting, Economics, Chemistry, Nursing, and many other subjects for undergraduate and graduate students. Professional tutors are available 7 days a week through ThinkingStorm for help and you can also set up a live chat appointment for help.

Request a Tutor

Sign up for a tutor through WSU360. Tutors for your specific course are available on WSU360, but keep in mind that coverage is not guaranteed. To ensure timely assistance, be proactive, as the process of recruiting, hiring, and training a tutor may take some time.

How to Make an Appointment with a Tutor

  • Log into your WSU 360 Account under the Academics tab on your MyWestfield
  • Scroll down until you see “ Tutoring and Learning Center,” click to enter.
  • You will see a list of Tutors for your classes. Click the three squares next to the name of the tutor for the class you are looking for.  
  • Select “Schedule”  
  • Select “Tutoring Appointment” and “I need tutoring for a class” 
  • Press “Continue” 
  • Select from their list of times available. 
  • Click on “Change Duration” to adjust the length of your session  
  • Select the “Location” (i.e. Zoom, Phone Call, FaceTime) or In-Person  
  • Lastly “Add Course”  
  • Click “Confirm” 

 After you set up the appointment, both you and the tutor will get an email with the appointment time.  If your appointment is going to be on Zoom, the tutor will send you the link before your appointment time. If you don’t see a schedule for a tutor, feel free to e-mail them directly to ask about their schedule.

If a tutor is not available for your class, we will work to find one. To request a tutor, students may fill out the online tutor request form.  After matches have been made, students should initiate contact with recommended tutors and arrange a time to meet. 

Courses with Tutors Available Below:


ACCT 0104: Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 0105: Principles of Accounting II


ASTR 0121: Life in The Universe


ART 0106: Art Survey
ART 0107: Art Survey
ART 0108: Computer Graphics I


BIOL 0102: Environmental Biology
BIOL 0104: Human Biology
BIOL 0128: General Biology II
BIOL 0129: General Biology I
BIOL 0201: General Ecology
BIOL 0237: Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 0239: Anatomy and Physiology 2
BIOL 0278: Biostatistics


CHEM 0103: Chemistry of the Life Sciences
CHEM 0109: General Chemistry 1
CHEM 0201: Organic Chemistry 1


COMM 0101: Intro to Mass Communication
COMM 0102: Intro to Human Communication
COMM 0201: Intro to Communication Technology
COMM 0203: Principles of Public Relations
COMM 0207: Communication Ethics

Computer Science

CAIS 0101: Computers in Society
CAIS 0102: Computer Science Principles
CAIS 0120: Program Design I

Criminal Justice

CRJU 0101: Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJU 0121: Theories of Crime
CRJU 0201: Law Enforcement and Society
CRJU 0202: Intro to Corrections
CRJU 0205: American Judicial Systems
CRJU 0231: Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CRJU 0358: Sanctioning Sex Offenders


ECON 0101: Principles of Macroeconomics


ENGL 0103: Speech
ENGL 0117: Intro to Asian American Lit
ENGL 0240: Cultural Studies


EDUC 0215: Theory Critical Multicultural
EDUC 0220: Schools in US Society
EDUC 0221: Foundations of Special Education
EDUC 0314: Building Classroom Communities
EDUC 0319: Foundations of Teaching and Learning

Environmental Science

ENVS 0101: Principles of Environmental Science
ENVS 0105: Natural History and Field Techniques
ENVS 0255: Environmental Soil Science

Ethnic And Gender Studies

EGST 0102: Intro to Women's and Ethnic Studies
EGST 0216: Deviance and Culture

Geography, Planning, And Sustainability

GPS 0101: World Regional Geography
GPS 0102: Physical Geography
GPS 0105: Intro to Community Planning
GPS 0210: Cultural Geography
GPS 0244: Intro to GIS


GEOL 0101: Physical Geology
GEOL 0102: Physical Geology with Lab

General Science

GNSC 0101: Physical Science


HIST 0131: US History Before 1865
HIST 0132: US History Since 1865


MGMT 0107: Software Applications
MGMT 0250: Quantitative Approach to Business Decisions
MGMT 0308: Organizational Development & Behavior


MRKT 0231: Marketing Management

Movement Science

MOVP 0100: Science of Physical Activity and Health
MOVP 0202: Intro to Motor Learning
MOVP 0204: Kinesiology
MOVP 0205: Physiology of Exercise
MOVP 0212: Concepts of Nutrition


MUSC 0103: Music Appreciation (Maj-Min)
MUSC 0104: World Music
MUSC 0107: Intro to Music Therapy
MUSC 0111: Music Theory 1
MUSC 0113: Sight Singing and Ear Training I


NURS 0100: Intro to Professional Nursing:
NURS 0201: Fundamentals of Professional Nursing
NURS 0312: Nursing Care of the Adult and Older Adult I


PHIL 0102: Intro to Ethics


PHSC 0115: General Physics I


PSYC 0101: Intro to Psychology
PSYC 0201: Theories of Personality
PSYC 0202: Child Development
PSYC 0303: Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 0306: Learning
PSYC 0317: Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 0319: Research Methods II
PSYC 0322: Theories of Counseling


SOCI 0101: Principles of Sociology

How to Become a Tutor or Recommend a Tutor

How to Become a Tutor

To become a tutor, students may fill out the online tutor registration form.

Tutors must meet the following requirements before tutoring for the Center:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Have earned at least a B+ in each individual course you wish to tutor
  • Obtain one faculty recommendation per course in which you wish to tutor
  • Participate in a mandatory tutor training session

How to Recommend a Tutor

To recommend a tutor, faculty must provide the names of the recommended student/s along with the course number/s of the course/s you can recommend them to tutor. Please do this in one of the following ways:


Looking for Additional Student Support Services?

Explore our Academic Support page for additional services and take the next step towards enhancing your educational journey!

Students may visit the Center from:
Sunday: 12:00pm-8:00pm
Monday through Thursday: 8:00am to Midnight
Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm-6:00pm 

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