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TRIO: Cultivating Growth and Opportunity

TRIO is a comprehensive academic support program for students who are first-generation college students, students with low income, and/or students with disabilities. TRIO guides students to maximize their resources and opportunities at Westfield State while supporting their growth as scholars and as emerging professionals. TRIO students work one-on-one with a TRIO advisor throughout their time at Westfield State.

Joining the TRIO Program can help you feel more connected and guided through college, provide professional tutoring and time and task management coaching, connect you to useful financial and career resources, and support you in reaching your academic goals.


The TRIO Student Support Services Program, a U.S. Department of Education federally funded TRIO grant program, empowers first-generation college students, students with low-income, and students with disabilities to explore and engage with their educational and personal goals. It offers comprehensive academic and personal support designed to assist with persistence to graduation, financial literacy, and graduate school and career preparation.

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Our dedicated TRIO advisors are here to empower you, ensuring you make the most of your resources and opportunities.

Support TRIO Provides

TRIO is a program dedicated to students’ growth and college access. A wide range of free services are available to program students:

Academic Coaching and Advising
  • Professional tutoring
  • TRIO Learning Lab: computer lab and study space exclusively for TRIO students
  • Preliminary academic advising and navigating university policies
  • Academic counseling on topics such as time-management, test-taking strategies, note-taking, and study techniques
  • Graduate school and career exploration
Personal Support
  • Setting goals and devising plans to achieve them
  • One-on-one coaching on issues affecting academic performance
  • Guidance on adjusting to college, stress management and life after graduation
  • Networking with other campus resources
Financial Education
  • One-on-one help developing a personal budget and understanding financial aid package
  • FAFSA filing assistance
  • Guidance on understanding students loans and budget-making
  • Assistance with scholarship applications
Cultural & Social Activities
  • Peer connections through informal activities
  • Community building and cultural event programming
  • Student leadership development opportunities

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Exciting News!

Westfield State University has the distinction of being the first chapter in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of Alpha Alpha Alpha, the honor society for first generation college students.

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