Disability Services

Disability Services supports students' self-advocacy, offering various accommodations for academic support.

Fostering inclusivity is a collective effort, requiring collaboration among departments and personnel. Our University is dedicated to excellence, ensuring equitable and efficient services for all members.

Disability Services stands committed to empowering students on their journey to self-advocacy, navigating campus life and academics seamlessly. Offering a diverse range of reasonable accommodations, we cater to students with various needs. Students are expected to provide current documentation of their disabilities. 

Please contact us below with any inquiries – we're here to help.

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If you're a new student – whether an undergraduate, transfer, or graduate – and have one or more disability, simply complete the Disabilities Notification Form to let us know you're here at Westfield State University. Expect a friendly message from our Banacos staff, guiding you through the array of services we offer.

How To Register and Request Reasonable Accommodations

To request reasonable accommodations

  1.  Make an appointment with an Access Advisor and provide them with the Reasonable Accommodations Request Form filled out.  You may fill this form out at the appointment, before the appointment and drop it off in the Banacos Academic Center, or submit it via email to ds@westfield.ma.edu. (If you are a student in the Learning Disabilities Program please see your assigned LDP advisor.)
  2. If this is your first time requesting reasonable accommodations, please register with the office by filling out the Registration Form and scheduling an appointment with the Access Advisor.
  3. Please provide the Access Advisor with documentation to support all requests for reasonable accommodations. The documentation should meet the documentation guidelines.  You may provide your medical or mental health practitioner with a condition verification form to fill out which will serve to describe and provide relevant information about your disability. This should be sent to the Access Advisor.  At the appointment, the Access Advisor will review the documentation, registration form and requests with the student to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations.  Further documentation will be requested where needed.

Reasonable accommodations are available based on documented need.

Please be sure to meet with your Access Advisor to determine what accommodations are supported by your documentation. Below are some examples which students have received.

  • Extended time on quizzes and exams (50% or 100%)
  • Exam room
  • Readers/scribes for examinations
  • Assistance in obtaining audio recordings or electronic files for books
  • Access to Kurzweil 3000 reader software
  • Access to voice recognition software 
  • Assistive listening device
  • Priority registration for classes

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