The Massachusetts Public Higher Education Student Bill of Rights

Students laughing

Students have the right to:

  1. Clear, accessible, and understandable financial information, as well as affordable and predictable education costs
  2. Inclusive, anti-racist, and culturally responsive curricula and pedagogies
  3. Equitable access to experiential learning opportunities, in and out of the classroom
  4. Diverse and supportive faculty and staff who are equity-minded higher education practitioners
  5. Welcoming, inclusive, and safe campus environments
  6. Timely and relevant pathways to graduation and employment
  7. A voice in the decisions that affect their undergraduate experience

We envision these seven rights as promises—not a guarantee—that the Massachusetts public higher education institutions make to all students. However, to fulfill promises to all students, the system must center efforts on racially minoritized students—the students who are not being served well. Through doing so, the bar of achievement and excellence will be raised for all. Additionally, the above Student Bill of Rights serves as the frame for the NUE’s recommendations for achieving racial equity and justice detailed throughout this report.
The New Undergraduate Experience