Strategic Plan

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President's Message | January 17, 2024

One-hundred-eighty-five years is a very long time for an institution of higher education to be in existence. Westfield State University has stood the test of time by educating learners and enriching communities across the Commonwealth. As we celebrate our history during this special time, we also have the opportunity to shape the next five years strategically, as Westfield State University expands upon infinite possibilities of success. This is why you have been selected to serve on the strategic plan committee.

Strategic plans set the guideposts and paths for organizations to achieve important goals. Over February 5-7 in Scanlon Hall Banquet Room A, you will engage with SME Strategic consulting to address important questions such as, who will be in the future? What important innovations in learning should we use? How will we communicate new and important directions? Your participation on the strategic plan committee is critical to shaping a future we think consists of infinite possibilities.

The work of institution-wide strategic planning will require a commitment of your time. We are asking you to participate 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. for three days. You might think three days how can I spend so much time? What about my work? The commitment of time underscores the importance of this effort. We know you might not be able to participate every minute. Give us what you can. Over the three days we will provide breakfast, lunch and snack breaks.

At the end of the three days I am certain we will have a wonderful beginning to the next 185 years of Westfield State University. Please know you have my gratitude and the support needed to fulfill this important endeavor.

I am sharing again my thoughts on a future for Westfield State. I hope these ideas will guide your thinking and shape our collective direction.

  • A destination location for high achieving people;
  • A place and organization that values equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • An organization that acts locally and thinks globally;
  • A financially sustainable institution.

I wish you all well as you embark on this journey and look forward to your thoughts for our Westfield.


Final Strategic Plan 2019—2024

This committee will serve as an advisory and planning body working with the campus community to structure a strategic plan in conjunction with the vision and mission of Westfield State University.  The committee will be supported in its efforts by a strategic planning consultant.


  • Propose an inclusive process for engaging the campus community in a review of the current mission, vision, and values.
  • Present the campus community with opportunities to engage in development of the campus strategic planning process through surveys, focus groups, and SWOT analyses.
  • Analyze data collected through input processes and incorporate campus input into development of strategic planning priorities.
  • Analyze data on trends in higher education in the state and region as well as nationally and internationally to inform the development of strategic planning priorities.
  • Propose strategic priorities that support the mission, vision, and values.
  • Propose methods for implementation of the strategic plan and its assessment.

Final Strategic Plan 2019—2024

Membership List

Amber Monroe, Librarian
Audrey Antosz, Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Healey, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Tansey, Director
Josh Hettrick, Associate Director
Dr. Kevin Hearn, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Laura Blockel, Director
Dr. Leslie Rice, Executive Director
Luis Gonzalez, Maintainer
Maria Feuerstein, Associate Vice President
Marlee Berg-Haryasz, Assistant Director
Matt Dellea, Director
Dr. Max Saito, Associate Professor
Michael Mazeika, Director
Mike Foyle, Assistant Director
Nicole West, Director
Dr. Paige Hermansen, Associate Professor
Dr. Paul Cacolice, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sabine Klein, Associate Dean
Sherard Johnson, Assistant Director
Sierra Alexander, Senior Program Coordinator
Alexis Pratt, Student
Daniel Currier, SGA Representative


July to August
Planning Preparation

  • Communications Plan
  • Cabinet Feedback
  • Facilitation Selection
  • Enrollment Management
  • Diversity Plan

September to November
Environmental Analysis

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Enrollment & Demographic Trends
  • Benchmarking

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Open Forums
  • Stakeholder Survey
  • Targeted Interviews

December to January
Strategic Themes

  • Formulate 3 to 5 Key Strategic Priorities
  • Establish Work Groups

February to April
Strategic Plan Review and Adoption

  • Financial Models
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vetting the Plan​​​​​​​